Composting standard

After Compost Composting is completed using Compost Ferment Compost, the compost maturity can be tested according to the following criteria, which can be judged according to its color, odor, straw hardness, composting leachate, compost volume, carbon-nitrogen ratio, and humicification coefficient.
1 From the color odor, the composted straw turned brown or dark brown, with black juice at night, with ammonia odor. The ammonium nitrogen content was significantly increased with ammonium reagent.
2 Straw hardness, hand composting, soft and elastic when wet; dry, brittle, easily broken, organic material loses its elasticity.
3 composting leachate, take decomposed compost, add fresh water and stir (fat ratio 1:8), place 3-5 minutes, the leachate was pale yellow.
4 Compost volume is reduced by 2/3 to 1/2 when compared with the time of composting.
5 carbonitriding, usually about 28:1.
6 The humification factor is about 30%.

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