High-yielding Cultivation Techniques for Summer Soybean Isometric Precision Seeding

1. Use suitable varieties. For soils with high soil fertility and good conditions for irrigating, select high-yield, lodging-resistant, limited-cuckoo habits; otherwise, use sub-limited or indefinitely-cuckoo habits that are drought-resistant, tolerant, and adaptable. According to the local soybean suitable growth period and gargle, select early, middle and late maturing varieties. The suitable growth period of summer soybean varieties in Shandong Province and Huang-Huai-Hai is generally 90-110 days. The main purpose of soybeans is to produce oils and proteins and use high fat or high protein varieties for different purposes. The main diseases of soybean in Shandong Province and Huang-Huai-Hai region are soybean mosaic virus disease and soybean cyst nematode disease. According to the main diseases in the area, high-resistance or both-resistant varieties were selected.

2. According to the level of soil fertility and species characteristics, determine the appropriate spacing between rows and create a reasonable population. The planting density of summer soybean in Shandong Province is generally 1.5 to 20,000 plants/mu. The soil water and fertilizer conditions are good, and the varieties have strong growth potential and high productivity per plant. The suitable density is 1 to 15,000 plants/mu; the density of water-irrigated mountainous areas can reach 300,000 plants/mu. According to suitable density, the same row spacing and plant spacing were determined, and uniform planting was conducted so that individual plants had the largest space for growth around, which reduced the competition between individuals and the loss of light, heat and water resources. Plant spacing is generally 13 to 25 cm.

3. Fine enough to sow early. The suitable moisture content for soybean sowing is 19% to 20%. Insufficient lyrical conditions should be achieved or rain robbers sowing; too much water, should be sown after appropriate sowing. Debris, appropriate soil preparation, precision seeding. The sowing depth is the same, generally 3 to 5 cm, and the seeds are evenly distributed. Seed as soon as possible, no later than June 25.

4. Cultivate strong seedlings. After emergence and early seedlings, Dingmiao; cultivator 2 to 3 times, generally in the Qimiao, after the Dingmiao and before the ridge tillage once.

5. Timely irrigation. Different water requirements for different growth periods require less water at the seedling stage. They should be properly drought-free, and should not be watered or watered. Water requirements for flowering, scab, and rilling should be greater. Drought has a greater impact on crop yields, and should be timely flooded. water. According to soil watering, the suitable soil water content in soybean seedling stage is about 20%, branching stage is about 23%, flowering and sprouting stage is about 30%, and grain size is 25%~30%. Watering should be performed when the soil moisture content is lower than the appropriate moisture content.

6. Rational fertilization. Combining with 1 to 1.4 tons of high-quality manure per acre for soil preparation, organic fertilizer should be applied more to the plots with weak soil or less fertilization. When sowing, apply a small amount of chemical fertilizer, decomposed organic fertilizer or bacterial fertilizer as seed fertilizer. According to the different soil fertility, top dressing was carried out at the seedling stage, flowering and pod stage, and grain size. Seeding period of 2.5 ~ 5.0 kg per acre followed by nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer to promote strong seedlings. During flowering and pod-dressing period, 5 to 10 kilograms of urea are applied per mu. When grain and grain fertility is lacking, apply about 5 kg of urea per acre or foliar spray of urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. When the soil alkaline nitrogen content is above 80 mg/kg, no fertilizer may be added.

7. Prevent weeds. Weeding or weeding with chemical herbicides.

8. Prevent pests and diseases. The prevention and control of diseases and insect pests will be implemented through integrated control technologies such as pest and disease resistance, agricultural control, biological control, and chemical control. Prevention of Soybean mosaic virus disease can be used in disease-resistant varieties such as Ludou 10, Ludou 11, Ludou 12, Qihuang 28, Qihuang 29, Qihuang 30, Qihuang 31, and Hedou 12; For cyst nematode disease, Qihuang 28, Qihuang 29, Qihuang 30 and Qihuang 31 can be used. With winter plowing, weeds and weeds are removed to prevent and control pests such as pod moth, soybean meal, and soybean borer. Can also be used to kill and other chemical agents to prevent the formation of bridge pests, cabbage caterpillars, pod moth and other pests.

9, suitable for promotion of the region. Suitable for soybean production areas in Shandong Province.

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