Proper use and maintenance of seed concentrator technology

The compound seed separator has a wide adaptability. By changing the sieve and adjusting the air volume, seeds such as wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, beans, rapeseed, pasture, and green manure can be selected. The use and maintenance of the aircraft is highly demanded. A slight oversight will affect the quality of the seed selection. The usage and maintenance of this machine are described below.

1. It is best to use the concentrator in indoor operations. The location of the machine should be flat and solid, and the location of the concentrator should be convenient for dust removal.

2. Before operation, check whether the connection screws of each part are tight, whether the rotation of the transmission parts is flexible, whether there is abnormal sound, and whether the tension of the transmission tape is appropriate.

3. When changing the product during operation, it is necessary to remove the remaining seed particles in the machine and keep the machine running for 5 to 10 minutes. At the same time, the front and rear air volume adjustment handles are switched several times to eliminate deposition in the front, middle and back rooms. More species and impurities. After confirming that no seed particles and impurities have flowed out from several storage rooms, the machine can be stopped, and the seeds and impurities on the upper screen surface are first cleaned in the discharge tank, and then the upper screen surface is removed and the screen is cleaned. surface.

4. If conditions are limited and you must work outside, you should park the machine in a sheltered area and place it downwind to reduce the impact of the wind on the selection effect. When the wind speed is greater than 3, wind barriers should be installed.

5. Lubricate the lubrication points before each operation, clean and inspect after completion, and troubleshoot in time.

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