November orchard tube

Apples, pears (deciduous period): 1 The orchard without basal fertilizer must be fertilized timely. 2 Clear dead branches, fallen leaves, and diseased leaf fruits in the park, scrape old cracked skin and burn them together. 3 Fill the frozen water 1 time in the middle. The trunk is coated with white (whitening agent formula: 10 parts of water, 2 parts of quicklime, 5 parts of salt, a little animal and vegetable oil, and 0.5 part of lime sulfur stock solution, first dissolved in cold water, and then diluted with cold water. Stir well and use). 4 Start the winter cut. 5 The whole park sprays 3 to 5 Baume degree lime sulfur.

Grape vines (root growth and deciduous period): 1 winter pruning: required to be buried in cold weather before the end of November. Saplings are based on shelf type to determine the corresponding shaping method. The vines are evenly distributed on the surface of the shelf to lay a foundation for early high-yield production. Results The tree pruning was based on the characteristics of the varieties, the growth conditions of the branches, the location of the branches, and the pruning form, etc., to solve the problem of the length and number of the resulting parent branches, so that the plants maintained robust growth and a high level of fruiting capacity. 2 Clear Garden: Old trees aged more than 6 years old, scraping old skins, and burning them together; eliminating dead branches, fallen leaves, and stale fruits in the vineyard, and destroying them in a concentrated manner; spraying Splendid 5 degree lime sulfur mixture to eliminate overwintering bacteria . 3 Freezing and Injury Prevention: After leaving the shelf, tie the branches and branches. Take the earth 1.2 meters away from the root, buried twice, the first buried about 10 centimeters thick, buried before the second frozen, about 15 centimeters in thickness, with the soil to be broken, buried after the real.

Peach (leaf-leaf): 1 Cleanup of orchards: The weeds, fallen leaves, and diseased branches in and around the park are concentrated and burned outside the park. 2 Pouring frozen water: From the end of November to the beginning of December, seal the frozen water. 3 Pests and diseases: The entire tree is sprayed with 40-50 times the high concentration of Bordeaux fluid to prevent peach leaf shrinkage and other diseases.

Winter jujube (leaf-leaf): 1 After the fallen leaves, remove the grass, clean the deciduous weeds, scrape and brush the branches, cut off the branches and branches of the diseased branches, pick off the insects, remove and pick out the fruit and disease on the ground. If it is concentrated, it is burned or buried deeply. 2 plan crazy tree, crazy, dry Sok grass, wrapped in agricultural film, the base earth pile of 20 to 30 cm high, or trunk white, the park stacked smoke material Mai clothing, firewood, etc., crown spray 5 to 10% lime Milk or high-fat membranes prevent freezing damage. 3 Before freezing, plunge 20-30 cm deep and freeze the overwintering pests. The whole tree is sprayed with 3 to 5 degrees lime sulfur. 4 Overflowing winter water.

Facility Fruit trees (before warming up): 1 Winter cuts before the sheds: Further adjustment of the tree structure, sparse vegetative shoots, diseased shoots, overlying shoots, overlapping shoots, and prolonged head competition. The sparse amount should be less than 10% of the total branch amount so as not to damage the ground and underground growth balance. Long branch pruning is practiced. Except for prolonged light and short cuts on the main branches, the remaining branches are generally not short cut. 2 artificial sleep break: artificial low temperature pre-cooling method. When the average temperature in late autumn is lower than 10°C, the time for holding the shed is usually November 20-30. During the day, the grass cover is cooled, and ventilation is conducted at night to create a low-temperature environment of 0-7.2° C. for about one month, and the required cooling of the fruit trees in the facility can be met earlier, so as to advance the shed.

Pain Relief Patch For Breast
[Name] Medical Cold Patch
[Package Dimension] 10 round pieces
The Pain Relief Patch is composed of three layers, namely, backing lining, middle gel and protective film. It is free from pharmacological, immunological or metabolic ingredients.
[Scope of Application] For cold physiotherapy, closed soft tissue only.
The patches give fast acting pain relief for breast hyperplasia, breast fibroids, mastitis, breast agglomera tion, swollen pain.
[How To Use a Patch]
Please follow the Schematic Diagram. One piece, one time.
The curing effect of each piece can last for 6-8 hours.
Do not apply the patch on the problematic skin, such as wounds, eczema, dermatitis,or in the eyes. People allergic to herbs and the pregnant are advised not to use the medication. If swelling or irritation occurs, please stop using and if any of these effects persist or worsen.notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Children using the patch must be supervised by adults.
[Storage Conditions]
 Store below 30c in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Pain Relief Patch For Breast

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