Maintenance Technology of Wheat-joint Mowing Machine

(1) Lubrication

1 Strictly follow the lubrication chart in the manual of the combine harvester, the lubrication part and cycle of the table, and the requirements of the oil type.

2 Before the lubrication, clean the grease nipple, the fuel cap, the lubrication part, and the dust and oil around them.

3 Regularly check the sealing condition and working temperature of sealed bearings. If any oil leakage or abnormal temperature rise is found, replace the oil seal in time.

4 Each lever, lever mechanism live parts should be timely instilled lubricants.

5 The chain should be lubricated before daily work begins.

6 New or newly-repaired combine harvesters should release all the oil in the gearbox after the test run. Clean the oil and add new oil. Check the amount of oil once a week at work and add it in time if it is not enough.

(2) Maintenance of radiators Maintenance of wheat combine harvesters and winter storage 2
The main reason affecting the use efficiency of the combine harvester is that the engine is open, and the engine is often caused by serious plugging of the radiator. Therefore, the maintenance of the radiator should be strengthened.

1 cover radiator maintenance

Most of the common combine harvesters are equipped with hood type radiators. Since there are many dust and debris in the harvesting operation, the inlet hole of the water tank cover is easily blocked by debris. To deal with it in time, rotate the left lower handle of the water cover in the direction of the arrow so that the upper and lower wind deflectors completely close the air inlet of the water tank. The debris will fall off on its own; when the blockage is serious, it should be used before each shift. Rinse the tank hole with water to maintain good ventilation.

2 For the automatic dust remover used in the Xinjiang No. 2 Combine Harvester, the rotary screen must be cleaned after each day's operation, and each class should be cleaned twice when the wind is upside-down. The maintenance manual of the combine harvester and the winter are to be used according to the manual of the combine harvester. Storage 3

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