About the cultivation characteristics of barnyardgrass

Sub-lives and sub-roots can be inserted Jian Ping. Due to the strong strength of the grass knot, seedlings are generally used to build lawns. Since the seeds are small, the grain weight is only 0.1g, so the requirements for site preparation are very fine. The soil should be flat and finely divided, and the soil cover should be shallow without revealing the seeds. Soil moisture should be maintained after sowing. As the seedlings grow slowly, care should be taken to control weeds. Pingping sowing rate of 4-6g/m2, can be sown in spring and autumn, but sowing in autumn is better. Herbs for vegetative propagation can be planted with small pieces of grass or rhizomes. Usually 1 m2 of turf can be planted with 7-8 m2 of new lawns. They can be planted from May to September, but it is better to use spring and autumn. After planting, care should be taken to maintain soil moisture and promote its restoration. Should pay attention to trimming and irrigation during growth.

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Psychological Rehabilitation Equipment

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