How to perform the run-in inspection before the harvester cuts

The engine test run should pay attention to the oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, water temperature gauge is stable within the specified range, listen to whether the engine running abnormal noise. Abnormalities should be eliminated in a timely manner and they must not be forced to run. The engine commissioning time is generally: cold grinding for 6 hours, hot grinding in the order of low speed, medium speed, high speed, followed by 15 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes.

After the trial running engine is normal, the first and second gears and the third gear and then the reverse gear are used for the test run. Turn left and right respectively and check the steering. Chain institutions, brakes, clutches are sensitive and reliable, whether the separation is complete, whether the shifts are portable, and whether the instruments are normal. The time of trial-and-error running is generally controlled by: 1st gear 30 minutes, 2nd gear 30 minutes, 3rd gear 20 minutes, reverse gear 10 minutes.

Cutting, threshing, separating, unloading grain, etc. The test operation sequence of the working organization is divided into small throttle, medium throttle, full throttle, first partial, and then fully carried out. Pay attention to whether the conditions of each part are normal, whether there is noise, and whether the hydraulic components and monitoring instruments move freely and are stable and reliable. If there is a problem, continue testing after exclusion. The time is generally: 3 hours for the throttle, 2 hours for the throttle, and 1 hour for the throttle.

At the end of the trial run, immediately check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the bearing and the bearing shell are heated, and whether the belt and the chain are loose or worn. When the engine oil pan, heat transmission, reduction gear, oil and hydraulic oil tank Hydraulic oil, and thoroughly clean all parts of the filter. Finally, trial-wearing is performed in a representative field, half-harvesting is selected, and the harvest is resumed after a period of time. If everything is normal, it can be put into formal harvesting.

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