Dilution seedling is the key to rapeseed production

Cultivating strong seedlings is the foundation and key to winning the high yield of rapeseed. The cultivation of seedlings of rapeseed, adherence to thin-seeding, strict control of planting per unit area, and ensuring the nutrient area per plant of rape seedlings is one of its essential measures. Sowing time, business conditions, the seeding rate per acre seedbed can be about 500 grams.

When seedlings are raised in rapeseed, base fertilizer must be applied, farm manure must be applied, and seedbeds should be finished. The first step is to ensure the area of ​​the seedbed so that the ratio of the seedbed to the field is about 1:5 to 6; the second is to control the amount of seed used per acre seedbed. The sowing rate should not exceed 800 grams; the third is to seedlings, Dingmiao, to prevent partial seedlings too dense; Fourth, we must strengthen management, ensure water and fertilizer supply, and strictly control the pests and diseases.

For high-density rapeseed beds, measures can be taken: early seedlings. 2~3 leaf stage began seedlings, 3 to 4 leaves Dingmiao, to ensure that the spacing of seedlings in about 6 to 8 cm; spray "pacliazole". During the period from 2 to 3 leaves, spraying 100 ppm of paclobutrazol has a significant effect on preventing rapeseed's tall “line seedlings” and cultivating strong seedlings; it controls fertilizer and water supply appropriately. Especially in the late stage of nursery, nitrogen application and watering should be controlled to prevent the growth of seedlings from growing too high; timely transplanting. Prepare Daejeon early and grab Daejeon in front of the seedlings of rapeseed.

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