Agricultural practical technology Kyoho grape storage technology

First, species storage and transportation characteristics Kyoho post-harvest at room temperature, respiratory intensity, rapid decomposition of pectinase, even if the type of pulp is hard, will be soft within 2-3 days, resulting in fruit off. It can be said that the prevention of dry stem threshing during storage and transportation of Kyoho is the key technology for Kyoho storage.
Second, the cultivation of technical points Kyu grape can be stored well, the key is whether it can receive good grapes.
1, to select a moderate yield, ear stems, fruit stems lignification is better, fruit compact, neat, fruit elasticity, full-color purple red or purple, blue-black grapes for storage.
2, more application of organic fertilizer and phosphorus potassium fertilizer grape hard, high sugar, storage and transportation. Excessive nitrogen fertilizer, especially the late nitrogen fertilizer and more intolerant storage and transportation.
3. Control irrigation during fruit ripening and strengthen drainage. In the first 10 days before picking, it was irrigated or rained, or grapes were damaged during the late period of growth, and there were more rainy days. This kind of grape was easily cracked, easily rotted, and easily damaged by the antiseptic agent. Severe database loss.
4. There are heavier downy mildew on the leaves, and there are generally latent diseases on the fruit stems. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen the control of disease in the later period.
5, the use of ethephon ripening fruit or the use of enlarged fruit enlargement, there will be a large number of threshing phenomenon during storage.
Third, harvest time and harvesting fruit should be close to purple black or blue and then harvest. 2 days before harvesting, the fruit should be sprayed with a special preservative preservative grape (CT4) for preharvest grapes. This preservative is a food additive type and has the functions of eliminating field bacteria, inhibiting enzyme activity, and respiration.
Harvesting should be carried out after the dew has dried in the morning. Select the ear to be compact, neat, uniform in color, free from disease, and free from injury. Cut green fruits, wounds, sicknesses and residual fruits, and gently place the boxes lined with plastic film. One boxing and gentle, light, and light transport is one of the key technologies for prolonging the storage period of Kyoho.
Fourth, fresh materials
1, cling film: PVC (0.03mm) film has good moisture permeability, ideal. PE breathable film (0.03mm) is also available. In the southern region, Kyoho pre-cooling period may be longer than the northern region, poor permeability of PE film, often lead to more moisture in the plastic bag inside the box, causing fruit cracking and damage to the underlying layer, so the use of PE film should be added to the permeability material . Kyoho has a good resistance to CO2, and it is suitable for storing gas components of O2 3-5% and CO2- 5-8%. Therefore, the cling film should not be too thin.
2. Preservatives: Kyoho has a strong resistance to SO2, and Kyoho's special preservative (CT2) produced by the National Agricultural Products Preservation Engineering Technology Research Center (Tianjin) can maintain good quality Kyoho fruit for 4-7 months. In the southern region, due to the high temperature and high humidity during the harvest period, the storage period is shorter than that in the northern region. In northern regions and other fruits, the rainfall is more or the quality of the fruit is poor, and the storage period will be significantly shortened.

Colon Hydrotherapy Machine Principle:

The Colon Hydrotherapy Machine adopts the non-intrusive method to provide a safe and comfortable therapy, and it can operated easily; the user only need to hold the are-shape hydrotherapy nozzle and put it on the anus gently, the treated pure water with constant temperature and pressure will flow into the colon from the anus.
a lubricant layer between the intestinal wall and feces forms soon after water enters the colon; then the impacted feces and toxins will be evacuated through natural excretion mechanisms by decomposing the impacted feces, and promoting the squirm of large intestine.
The process enables a quick and thorough defecation. It is completely painless, non-toxic and free of side effects. Besides, the ozone generator in the system can provide ozone water for gynecologic and skin sterilization.

Colon Hydrotherapy Device    (2)

Colon Hydrotherapy Machine Function:
Get rid of constipation: colon hydrotherapy system will dissolve and dilute impacted feces, and stimulate the natural defecation function. Eliminate impacted feces and toxins: colon hydrotherapy system adopts physical method to clean out the impacted feces and toxins, thus it will reduce risk of

There`re not only the residues of digested food but also a lot of toxins, such as ammonia which may induce hepatic coma, hydrogen sulfide affecting the nervous system, methylindole leading to cancer, botulinum toxin, Tan toxic alkali, benzene, formic acid, butyric acid and so on. With the growing age, feces and toxins gradually accumulate in the body;

Been absorbed into the blood system by the intestinal mucosa, they will cause damage to the organs, meanwhile, lead to digestive system diseases and skin problems, even though make blood pressure problem, heart disease, Alzheimer`s and other symptoms worse. Impacted feces accumulate in the colon for a long time is an important inducement to the colorectal cancer.

Gynecologic and skin sterilization: colon hydrotherapy system (except comfort type) has ozone generator to produce ozone water for sterilization of harmful bacteria. Except for removing surface skin bacteria, it can also used for killing harmful bacteria which may cause gynecological inflammation, so it can be used for the treatment of vulva inflammation.
Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

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