Prawn cultivation techniques in autumn

In the autumn, about 4cm of green prawns are purchased. After being intensively cultivated in the holding pool for 3-4 months, they are listed on the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival. The shrimp can be increased by more than twice the price, and the selling price can be increased to achieve a good economy. benefit.
Temporary pond selection and preparation The area for the temporary holding of the shrimp is 2000-3000 square meters. The pond slope ratio is 1:2.5-3, the water depth is 1.5-2 meters, and the silt layer at the bottom of the pool does not exceed 10 centimeters. Open a shallow ditch at the bottom of the pond and dig a shrimp pond 5 meters long, 3 meters wide and 0.5 meters deep outside the outlet. Before the raising of the shrimp, dry the pool thoroughly and expose it to the sun for a week or so. Dry it until the bottom of the pool opens. In the ten days prior to the stocking of shrimp, the influent water is about 30 centimeters in length, and 50-70 kilograms of quicklime per acre is poured on the whole pool. Transplant water grass or set shrimp nests. In addition, 0.5-1 kilowatts of aerators are provided for each acre of water surface, and one water pump is provided for each 2000-3,000 square meters of water surface.
Temporary rearing time and selection of shrimps. Selection of freshwater shrimps should be selected in mid-to-late September. At this time, raising the shrimps will allow sufficient growth period. Choose a shrimp that is about 4 centimeters long and has complete limbs, strong vigor, and no eggs. Soft shell shrimp was removed before stocking. Amount of 70-100 kg per acre of water.
The feeding of feed for the fall season is the second time for the growth of the shrimp. Feeding of whole shrimp pellets is mainly based on animal feed. Granular feed particle size 2-4 mm, crude protein content 35% -40%. Animal feed should be crushed. Every day from 8-9 am and 6-7 pm. The amount of feed in the morning accounted for 1/3 of the total feeding amount in the day. The daily feeding amount is 3%-5% of the total weight of shrimp in the pool (refers to dry material, and 10%-15% for fresh material), and can be flexibly controlled depending on the weather, water quality, water temperature, and feeding conditions of the shrimp. In the morning, animal feed is mainly used, and in the afternoon, pellet feed is mainly used.
Water Quality Management Green shrimp requirements for water quality are: transparency 35-40 cm, dissolved oxygen 5 mg/l, pH 7-8. Add new water every 15-20 days, first row in and then back, and drain about 30 centimeters each time. In order to further control Qiu Fan, from the time of stocking to the beginning of October, the transparency can be adjusted to more than 40 cm. After the autumn and winter period, appropriate fertilization will be applied to keep the transparency of the pool water at about 30 cm. At the same time, the water level is adjusted according to the temperature and season, and the depth of water is maintained at 1-1.2 meters from September to October, and the water depth should be maintained at about 1.5 meters after entering the winter.
Prevention of floating head intolerance of hypoxia hypoxia, dissolved oxygen in the water is lower than 1.12 mg / l can lead to death, so we must adhere to the morning and evening patrol pond, timely opening aerator, so sunny noon open, cloudy early morning, continuous rainy days Open in the middle of the night. If signs of floating head are found, they must be filled with water and oxygen, and if necessary, chemical oxygen stimulators should be used first aid. Falling thunderstorms in autumn evenings are prone to serious floating heads and should be prevented in advance.
Disease Prevention During the holding period, the penaeid shrimps have a large density, a large amount of feed, and a rapid change in water quality, which easily leads to disease. The main measures for prevention are: 15-20 kg of lime per acre for 15-20 days. Quanchiposa once; once every 20 days, use terramycin 1-2 g of water per cubic meter of water. Prevent brucellosis and red body disease in shrimp.

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