Winter and spring carbon ammonium technology

Deep application of dry land and paddy fields is appropriate to deepen the soil to about 10cm. The depth of the fruit trees is 15-20cm. In addition, the deep-buried soil should be covered with soil.

Mix or apply mixed ammonium bicarbonate and dry fine soil in a ratio of 1:2 to 3, mix well and put in plastic bags. Apply after sealing for 24 hours. Use adsorption of fine soil to reduce evaporation of nitrogen fertilizer. Losses can better improve fertilizer efficiency; if conditions are available, mix ammonium bicarbonate and superphosphate in a ratio of 3-4:1, but when mixing, note: 1 Do not leave for a long time with mixing and application. 2 Ammonium bicarbonate must not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as grass ash, lime, calcium magnesium phosphate, and fly ash, and must be staggered for 3-4 days when applied separately.

Appropriate application of ammonium bicarbonate is usually about 25kg per acre.

Ammonium bicarbonate was used as a base fertilizer during the early rice seedlings in the double-season rice field, and it must be applied 5 days before sowing. In addition, according to the habit of ammonium bicarbonate, it is best to apply fertilizer after a suitable period of rainy days. For example, it is better to water the drought soil in time.

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