Chicken cools under high temperature conditions

1. Lower the temperature and construct a pergola, plant trees and vines; set up a shade net; spray cold water on the ground or inside the stadium; timely ventilation, or install ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and blowers to discharge hot air; The sprayer sprays cold water on the roof at regular intervals. Conditional farmers can install wet curtain blowers to reduce the temperature by 5-7°C.
2, to strengthen management attention to adjust the feeding time and frequency, feeding avoid hot time, try to feed early or late, at night can be fed 1 time; high temperature environment, in drinking water by adding sucrose, electrolytes and other ingredients, can significantly promote the young The growth of the bird increases feed remuneration and reduces the heat stress response.
3. Adding vitamin C 200-500 mg and vitamin E 200 mg per kilogram of feed can significantly enhance the poultry's ability to resist heat stress; sodium bicarbonate can help stomach and regulate the acid-base balance of blood, adding in the diet. 0.3%~1%, or add 0.1%~0.2% sodium bicarbonate in drinking water, can significantly reduce heat stress; bacitracin zinc is a heat stress reliever with good application effect at present, in high temperature environment, can be in each Add 100 mg to the kilogram feed.

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