The Prevention of Soft Rot Disease in Chinese Cabbage

The Prevention of Soft Rot Disease in Chinese Cabbage

In recent years, due to improper selection of varieties, early planting time, and high temperature during the sowing season, cabbage rot has become more serious. For this reason, the author conducted a series of tests such as variety, sowing date, and chemical control in 2002. It was used in Daejeon production in 2003 and achieved satisfactory results.

First, use resistant varieties. The new Chinese cabbage varieties that meet the market demand, disease resistance, high quality, and high yield are selected, such as Beijing Xin 3 and Qiulv 75.

Second, determine the appropriate sowing period. According to the climate characteristics of cabbage sowing season in Wuqing District and the characteristics of Chinese cabbage, appropriate late sowing, the appropriate sowing date is around August 10th, and the live-planting is enough. The per mu seeding rate is 0.3 kg. Before sowing, 200 grams of Fengling 200 g seed dressing was used. Its method: After soaking the seeds, evenly mix the powder on the seeds, and sow the seeds after drying.

Third, strengthen fertilizer and water management. Choose the former to plant cabbage without cultivation of crucifer crops. Before planting, deep-deep the soil 30-40 cm, Mushi compost 1000-1500 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer, and make a 10-15 cm high by 50 cm row spacing. Ridge, ditch mu with 2 kg of carbendazim or enemy pine for soil disinfection, ditch 50 kg of compound fertilizer.

After the sowing of Chinese cabbage, it will be managed in accordance with the principle of "three waters, three seedlings and five waters." Mu is planted with 2200-2600 strains. 10-15 days before appropriate seedlings; 20-25 kg of compound fertilizer applied during watering in the rosette stage and balsamic stage; the soil is wet and dry during the early stage of the ball, and the soil is moist during the ball stage; watering is stopped 1 week before harvest. .

Fourth, comprehensive prevention and control of pests and diseases. The occurrence of swarming virus disease and downy mildew can aggravate the occurrence of soft rot. Therefore, attention should be paid to the prevention and treatment of viral diseases and downy mildew.

1. In the early stage of virus disease, spraying Di-Dongbao, once for 7-10 days, even preventing 2-3 times, can effectively control viral diseases.

2. The soft rot disease strains should be removed in a timely manner during the period of heart-wounding. When soft rot occurs, use 50% DT fungicide 10 g/mu, water 25-30 kg, or use agricultural streptomycin 3000-4000 times solution, or spray with bacteria Tec, once for 7-10 days, Prevent 2-3 times. If locusts and cabbage caterpillars are harmed, they must be sprayed with a 500-600 times solution of 1.1% dish water.

Contributor: Tianjin Plant Protection and Quarantine Station

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