Single phase water pump practical technology

Orchard single-phase water pump has the characteristics of small size, light weight, light movement, flexibility, wide application, and strong adaptability. In recent years, it has been very popular among farmers and fruit specialties. Due to the user's incomprehensible understanding of the structural characteristics and operating characteristics of the single-phase clear water pump, some problems occurred in the selection and use of the clean water pump, and I do not know how to eliminate it. The self-solving minor fault can be repaired and even artificially operated to damage the water pump motor. 18 units accounted for 88.8% of the 18 pumps used to repair clean water due to improper operation. Some of the specialized households used to spray pesticides in the orchard. After worrying about liquid sprayers, the water pump output was limited to increase the pump motor load or damage the motor. Reasonable choice and use of clean water pumps, mastering the operation technology is the key.
1.0 Orchard single-phase clean water pump is divided into self-priming water pump, water-filled water pump and submersible water pump. The selection principle is:
1.1 Self-priming clear water pump: The water source is of relatively good quality and has a relatively fixed working position. The suction pipeline is stable within 3.5 meters. It can be used to reduce the pumping time when water is supplied to the well or in the orchard. The actual lift is less than 22 meters. Less efficient. When it is put into operation for the first time, it should be added to the circulation to empty the water before the pump can complete self-priming.
1.2 Water-filled clean water pump: good water quality The mobile large pipe is relatively unfixed. The actual lift within 2.5 meters of the suction range is within 32 meters. The pump flow rate can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the needs. It is suitable for professional fruiting and spraying pesticides, irrigation water supply, and work efficiency. Higher. Suction hoses should ensure good sealing.
1.3 Submersible clean water pump: The water source has a low lift and is suitable for irrigation in farmland orchards. As the submersible pump is pushed into the water to increase the axial pushing water, reducing the amount of water will increase the pump load. Therefore, do not install the valve in the outlet pipe of the submersible pump, so as to prevent the motor from being damaged because the valve is closed.
2.0 Clean water pump should pay attention to the voltage match and electricity safety before use, because the clean water pump is working in a humid environment, and the leakage protection switch should be installed before the power switch. When the pump is working, do not move it. The bottom valve of the suction pipe shall be placed into the water 0.4 meters vertically. When the water quality is poor, a filter shall be set to prevent the inflow of debris into the pump and affect the operation of the pump.
3.0 The clean water pump is an integral part of the motor and the water pump. The fulcrum bearing of the motor rotor is also a water pump bearing. The rigid power transmission makes the water pump impeller rotate. There is only a gap of 0.10-0.22mm between the impeller of the water pump and the eddy current shell, and the debris sand can easily catch the impeller, causing the rotor of the motor to rotate and fail. From the failure of repairing the water pump, the motor rate accounted for more than 80% due to the jamming of the impeller. When turning off the power switch, if it is found that the motor does not turn, turn off the power in a timely manner. When the motor is working, a rotating magnetic field is generated by the inductor, and the motor will not be damaged in a short time. You can use a screwdriver to remove the rear cover of the motor and rotate the fan blades left and right by hand until the rear cover is flexibly replaced and then powered on again.
4.0 self-priming, water filling water pump outlet pipe 0.5 meters to install the valve, the valve should be selected ball valve, help reduce the pump resistance, increase the water pump pressure.
5.0 Clean water pump for the spraying of pesticide pressure pump, it is best to use a centrifugal combination of three or four nozzles, this nozzle atomization performance is good and uniform, the nozzle pressure of 1.6-3.5 kg / square centimeter. The water pump pressure of the clean water pump is 1.2---3.6 kg/cm2. The pressure can be adjusted to each other to save electric energy and at the same time, the production efficiency can be improved, and the pest control effect is good.

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