Winter cutting technology of garden grapes

First, the best time to cut the winter yard The winter cut of the grape begins from 10-15 days after the fall of leaves to the end of the spring before the spring of the following year. After entering the period of injury, it must not be trimmed again.
Second, the length of dendrite branch according to species characteristics and growth of dendrite and fertilizer and water conditions, such as longan and other growth potential, thick branches, flower bud formation ability is weak, the results late, can be used in the long tip pruning, retain 5-9 Buds; rose incense, Kyoho and other medium growth, easy to flower, can be used to trim the short shoots, retain 3-5 buds.
Third, the main, side vine trim Before pruning the main vines and side vines, select the main vine according to the spacing of 30 cm, and then trim according to the characteristics of different species and space. The overlap, crossover, and old and weak vines should be sparse. Do not allow the wounds to reach the mother vines so that the wounds will shrink and affect nutrient delivery. Select the main vine, and then select the sturdy as the new result of the vine. The two results were 30 cm apart from each other, and then were trimmed using the method of mid-length shoots and mid-length shoots, respectively. Such as Kyoho can retain 3-5 buds trimmed, longan to retain 6 buds trim.
Fourth, shoots renewal pruning garden Grape winter cut should pay attention to short update, to prevent the result outside the site of premature aging. This is an important measure for high yields every year. In the update pruning, the two branches are used for updating, that is, the same base branch leaves two annual branches on both sides, and the upper branches of the upper branches are trimmed as the result of the vines, and the lower branches are trimmed as the preparation branches. In the second year of winter cutting, the upper vines left last year are cut off, and the lower vines can be trimmed by one long and one short according to the method of the previous year. Bare shoots can be retracted to shoots sprouting below. If there is no new shoot, it can be retracted according to the occupied space, so that the latent buds will sprout new shoots. When pruning short cuts, it must be cut in the middle or upper section of festivals and festivals. This is conducive to the germination and growth of the top bud.

Honeysuckle blossoms in March, five out, slightly fragrant, red pedicels, white flowers at the beginning, yellow after one or two days, so it is called Honeysuckle. It is also known as mandarin duck rattan because of its two flowers, one pedicle and two stamens in pairs, inseparable from each other, accompanied by male and female, and like mandarin duck dancing to each other.
Honeysuckle has long been known as a good antipyretic and antidote. It is sweet and cold and fragrant, sweet and cold and clear heat without hurting stomach, fragrant and transparent can dispel evil. Honeysuckle not only can disperse wind and heat, but also can clear and detoxify blood. It can be used for various febrile and venereal diseases, such as body fever, eruption, macula, febrile poisonous sores, sore throat and so on.

Honeysuckle Flower

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