Fox's seasonal management

Like the dogs, the fox, in different seasons, adjusts the function of its organs accordingly to adapt to changing climate and environment. Therefore, in feeding and management, seasonal management should also be implemented according to the seasons, in order to adapt to the fox's physiological needs and seize the high yield of fox breeding. Specific requirements are:
First, the spring tube technology spring is the season of fox estrus, mating, breeding and molting, and it is also the season when the commodity fox grows and grows most and the season with more incidence. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the breeding and management of fox and merchandise fox in particular. . The first is to do a good job in the management of the male and female foxes. The estrus foxes have the behavior of seeking mating. In order to ensure the reproduction quality of the fox and prevent the degradation of the species, the male and female foxes can be reared at the ratio of one generation to three females, so that mating can be reasonably planned. The second is to prevent the male and female foxes from fighting each other and fighting each other. In spring, it is also a season of promiscuous fox disease. It is necessary to promptly inject H. cancillus and other agents to prevent or promptly take measures to prevent and cure the disease. In spring, it is the season when the fox changes hair. It takes off winter hair, changes furs, and the climate changes. It will not only affect the hygiene of the coat but also cause colds. Therefore, prevention of skin diseases, good health of fox body, prevention and treatment of colds, etc. must be done carefully.
Second, summer tube measures summer hot weather, easily lead to fox and gastrointestinal diseases, and even food poisoning. Therefore, the health care work of the summer fox must be done in a fox room to dry and ventilate, prevent the heat from cooling, clean the environment, avoid direct sunlight, and prevent fox and heat stroke. In summer, the feed is easily mildewed and often causes fox poisoning or gastro-intestinal diseases. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the management of feed, it is best to achieve the current use, the leftovers are properly handled, and feeds are not fed. The utensils should be cleaned and disinfected, carefully inspected before use, and the good quality should be fed. Summer is also a season of high incidence of infectious diseases and parasites. It is necessary to routinely disinfect the fox house, do a good job of cleaning foxes and foxes, and kill blood-sucking insects. For the summer susceptible to the virus, multiple epidemics and parasitic diseases, it is necessary to promptly vaccinate or take preventive drugs, and regular insect repellent on the fox body to ensure healthy growth of foxes.
Third, the autumn tube requires the temperature to fall gradually in the autumn, and the body is prepared to take off the short, thin and thin summer hair and replace it with long, thick and dense winter hair. The metabolism of the body will increase, the nutrient reserve will increase, and the food intake will increase accordingly. Store fat and prepare for winter. Autumn is the second breeding season for foxes, and nutrient consumption is also relatively increased. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the autumn management of the fox. The first is to appropriately increase the amount of diet fed and to appropriately increase the quality of the diet so as to ensure that fox can obtain abundant and high-quality feed to meet the nutrient reserve of foxes during the winter. Generally during this period, the proportion of the diet is 40% for animal feed and 60% for plant feed. In particular, the female foxes with poor nutrition should be urged to rejuvenate, in order to increase the conception rate and birth size and increase the income. The second is to do a good job in the health of the fox house and fox body, keep its skin and coat clean, promote smooth hair replacement, prevent skin diseases. The third is to strengthen the management of public estrus and female foxes in the autumn, so that there are plans to breed and ensure the quality of fox cubs. The method is the same as spring. Fourth, pay attention to cold and cold. In the event of a sudden drop in temperature, paving materials must be paved in time. In particular, a bed or nesting box with a nursing home must be covered with dry straw, sacks, broken cotton, and other insulation to keep the tiger warm and warm for good health. Growth and development.
Fourth, the winter tube approach winter cold climate, fox easy to suffer from cold and respiratory diseases, winter is a high incidence of viral diseases, so winter health, disease prevention and other management work can not be ignored. In winter, it is still a time for the foxes to recuperate and live. It is necessary to increase nutrition and enhance the body's resistance to cold and disease. The specific approach is:
1. Pay attention to the fox house keeping warm and cold in time to close the doors and windows, block the cross-winding channel, and prevent thieves from invading. Lay a thick blanket of insulation material, strengthen the fox and objects to keep warm and keep it clean and dry.
2. Strengthen the fox's outdoor activities In sunny weather, let the fox exercise in the stadium. This is an important measure to actively prevent the cold. Let the fox freely move and sunbathe in the stadium to prevent foxes and enhance the cold resistance of foxes. Force is very important.
3. Do a good job fox body fox care for litter, brush your hair, keep the inside and outside of the fox house clean, fresh air, clean and regularly disinfect the fox house and sports field, to strengthen the fox winter susceptible, multiple infectious diseases and other diseases Prevention and treatment to ensure safe wintering of the fox.

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