Pepper leaf feeds livestock and poultry

Peppers grown in rural areas in China are quite common, with large yields and abundant resources. The abundant pepper leaves that are harvested at the same time as the production of chili peppers have not yet been fully exploited and are wasted.
The nutritional value of pepper leaf is better than that of fruit pepper. It is more economical to develop and use pepper leaf as a feed additive for livestock and poultry. It was determined that the essential amino acid content in the pepper leaves was 9.74%. Mineral tests showed that except for magnesium, the contents of iron, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and selenium were significantly higher than those of fruits. Especially selenium, pepper leaves are 1 times higher than fruits, and calcium is more than 3 times that of fruits.
The pepper leaf is good for feed supplementation of livestock and poultry, and collection and storage are relatively simple and easy. In autumn, peppers are cut into suitable bundles after being castrated, dried in the shade and stored directly. It can also be lightly tapped with a wooden stick after the shade is dry, the leaves are very easy to fall, and then the leaves are crushed and stored.
When feeding, dry leaf powder can be added directly or freshly fed. According to feeding trials, weaned piglets were fed 50 grams of dried leaf powder per day, and feeding for 60 days increased the weight gain by 24.8%. Shelf pigs were fed with 100 grams of dry leaf powder every other day. Feeding them for 30 days could increase weight gain by 15.6% and reduce feed consumption by 4.5%. When chicks were fed 3% of feed and fed 28 days, weight gain was 32.5%. Adding 5% to 6% of laying hens and even feeding them for 30 days can increase the egg production by 5.9% and increase feed remuneration by 7.6%. The rabbits were fed with 10.5% supplementation and fed for 30 days, which increased the weight gain by 32%. The rabbits had bright hair, good estrus, strong disease resistance, and improved survival rate.
Author unit: Frontier Technology Service Center, Taomiao Town, Jieshou City, Anhui Province

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