Cotton Akita Crops Current Management Technology

First, the cotton bud period management: Cotton bud period management refers to the period from bud to flowering, this period is an important period in the entire fertility process, good management is the treasure, the tube is not good grass. 1, the main target: through fertilizer and water, chemical control pruning and pest control and other management, to control Wangchangzhuan, increase stability. 2. Management measures: First, control. For the soil excerpt is too high, the base fertilizer is more, and the cotton field with more prosperous growth is immediately controlled. The mu with 1.5 g of dildodomamine evenly sprays 15-20 kilograms of water once to coordinate nutrient and reproductive growth, and controls strong growth. The second is picking up fertilizer. For the wheat field with insufficient base fertilizer and weak growth, the recent rainfall has been better, with 8-10 kilograms of urea being recovered from the mud, chasing the earth through the ditch, and promoting the weak and strong growth. The third is pruning. After the rain, the new long axillary buds and vegetative shoots (oil sticks) still need to be promptly knocked out. The fourth is to strengthen the control of pests and diseases. In particular, after the harvest, the humbugs of the Hummer and Qianfei must be controlled in time. Second, replay square meters management: 1, and time seedlings, Dingmiao, Mu Liumiao according to species, fertility to stay 3800-5000 strains. 2, timely weeding and weeding, cultivating loose soil, promote root development. 3, pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases. 4. In the early jointing period, 10 kilograms of urea are chased by Mu, and 20 kilograms of urea are harvested by Mu in the big bell mouth period. Fourth, the management of multi-cast peanuts: 1, Qingke soil: first clearing the sun root, to ensure that the formation of low-profile fruit, increase the fruit setting rate; soil can shorten the distance of the node, is conducive to fruit penetration into the soil. Be careful not to bump the needle when you earth. 2. Rational control: When the height of the main stem of the peanut reaches 35 cm, the first chemical control is performed with paclobutrazol. When the plant height exceeds 40 centimeters, secondary control is performed for a long period of time to strive to make the plant height not exceed 45 centimeters. 3, water supplement fertilizer: drought can make the root system growth and decline, causing parietal fall off, the formation of premature aging, it should be timely pouring water pouring fruit, in order to protect the roots, protect the leaves to prevent premature aging. In addition, during the seedling stage, the mu is supplemented with 0.1%-0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution plus 1% urea solution 50-70 kg for foliar supplementation, usually 2-3 times. 7 days apart. In order to protect the leaves and promote root growth, the photosynthetic flaming power of the leaves is increased, and plant senescence is delayed.

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