Australian scientists discover genes that regulate water in plants

Professor Josette Masle and his colleagues at the Australian National University discovered the Erecta gene in Arabidopsis research. It is responsible for regulating the synergy between photosynthesis and transpiration in plants to control water use efficiency. Australian scientists have identified a gene that can control the efficiency of water use in plants, making it possible to develop more drought-prone crops. The Australian National University’s research team announced that this gene was the first to be found to control the survival and growth of plants. Josette Masle, a researcher at the Australian National University’s School of Biological Sciences, together with Professors Scott Gilmore and Graham Farquhar discovered the gene in Arabidopsis. Arabidopsis thaliana is a plant commonly used in laboratory research for genes, and it is one of the few plants whose genes have been fully sequenced. The gene, called Erecta, was the first discovered gene that could regulate photosynthesis and transpiration in plants, Dr. Masle said in a statement. "Our findings will help reveal unanswered questions about the water mechanism of plants and will help further develop more drought-prone crops," she said.

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