How to Evaluate Rex Rabbit Fur Quality

The quality of Rex rabbit fur is mainly determined by comprehensive assessment based on factors such as villus density, flatness, color, skin texture, and skin area.
1. Villi: The main focus is on density (also known as abundance) and flatness. Density refers to the number of fluff roots per unit area of ​​the skin. The greater the density, the better. Flatness means that the length of the hair is uniform, neat and consistent, and the coat is very smooth. The mature rex rabbit fur should have dense, soft, rich and smooth hair, and its hair fibers should be short. It should be about 1.6 cm, and it should have little or no needle hair. If there are many needle hairs protruding from the hair surface, If the fur surface is uneven, the inherent characteristics of Rex rabbit skin are lost. When the Rex Rabbit is in the hair-removing stage, the villi do not grow evenly, and the fur is not smooth and dull, so it is strictly prohibited to slaughter and remove the skin during the hair-changing period.
2. Color: The basic requirement for the color of rex rabbits is to meet the characteristics of this color system, pure color, and shiny. Dimming or not meeting the requirements of the color model will reduce the level. For young rabbits up to 4 months of age, their coats have not yet been exchanged, and the colors are generally pale and not fair. For rabbits over 12 months of age, the color will fade with age. What kind of color is better, you need to look at the domestic and foreign markets at the time, depending on the trend of the popularity of Rex Rabbit clothing. At present, China's acquisition of Rex rabbit skin color is mainly white, if the color depth, distribution site and the standard color type, or color spots, stripes appear, it is considered a defect or failure.
3. Plate quality: Excellent Rex rabbit skin quality should be moderate, tough and flexible; dense texture, feel strong, flat surface, clean, no grease and meat, colored plates should be no melanin calm, gray The hair surface is flush, the color is pure and bright, the coat is not easy to fall off. The quality of young rabbit skins is best, and the skin of young rabbit skin is too thin and too soft, while the old skin of rabbit skin is too thick and rough. In the winter season, the skin is dense, thick and elastic, and the quality is better. In summer, the skin is thin and loose and easily broken. When processing, such as grease, meat scraps are not scraping or poor drying or improper storage, etc., will reduce the quality of the plate.
4. Area: The size of the area of ​​the skin is directly related to the use value of the rabbit skin. In other situations of the same quality, the larger the area, the higher the value of use. According to the grading standards and specifications of the China National Supply and Marketing Cooperative Industry Standard (GH/T1028-2002), the total hide area of ​​Rex Rabbit Fur is 1400 square centimeters or more, the first grade is 1200 square centimeters or more, and the second grade is 1000 square centimeters. Above, the third skin is 800 square centimeters or more.
The method for assessing the quality of fur is mainly carried out in 3 steps, namely: at first glance, the head of the rabbit skin is pinched in one hand and the tail is held in the other hand. The hair, color, and texture of the rabbit skin are carefully observed and observed. Does it meet the standard? If holes, spins, scars, blemishes, blood stasis, hair loss, shrinkage, or excessive stretching occur, they should be degraded. Two flicks are a rabbit's head held in one hand, the other hand holding its tail, gently shaking up and down, observing the length of hair, flatness, soft and hard hair, hair elasticity, how much hair, etc. According to this to determine the level. Any person who finds that the hair fiber is too long (more than 2.2 cm), the hair is protruding, the foot is soft, inelastic, the hair is loose, the coarse hair is too much, and the hair loss phenomenon should be reduced. Three touch, is to use a finger to insert the quilt, touch the quilt, to identify the density, elasticity and whether the rotation of the hair and other conditions. Identifying the density of hairs can also use the mouth to blow open the quilt and form a vortex center. If you can hardly see the skin or only see the size of the skin, it means that the density is larger. On the contrary, if you can clearly see the skin, it means that the hair Thin, low density.

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