Introduction of Rice Mechanized Spraying Live and Supporting Cultivation Techniques

In recent years, the live area of ​​artificial hands has been greatly developed in Cixi, but due to the high demand for live live technology, difficulty in grasping the uniformity of seeding, and the inconvenience of speed, the promotion of live broadcast area is still greatly constrained; The purchase of special sowing machinery is a big investment, low utilization rate, it is difficult to benefit thousands of households. The ordinary mobile sprayer direct spray technology researched and promoted by Cixi City Agricultural Machinery Station not only satisfies the agronomic requirements of live rice broadcasting, but also has significant advantages: simple and convenient operation, doubled work efficiency, good seeding quality, and cost-effectiveness , Increase production and efficiency, suitable for large-scale planting, in the actual production has great practical significance and promotion and application value. However, the mechanized shot-spraying technology of rice must be closely combined with the supporting cultivation techniques in order to truly achieve the purpose of increasing production and increasing efficiency. The specific introduction is as follows: 1. Select good seeds, soak seeds to disinfect all localities according to the actual situation, select the thick stalks, resistance to fertilizer, resistance, down, developed roots of high-quality and high-product species, the current more suitable varieties are Jiahua No. 1, No. 18 or cross. Variety Shuyou 1, Shanyou 3. With excellent varieties, we must also select good seeds, strictly eliminate impurities, remove semi-full seeds, make the seed grains uniform, ensure seed seeding rate at certain wind speeds, and improve uniform seeding. degree. Before sowing, the seeds should be sunned for 1-2 days, and soaked for 2 days and nights with 700-800 times 1.5% evil thread, and stirred 2-3 times halfway. Then rinse with water to germinate until dew. 2. Moderate tillage, fine leveling and direct seeding. Daejeon should be plowed and irrigated about 15 days before sowing. Mechanical rotary tilling is used to ensure that weeds or previous roots are fully rotted. The spray force of the machine sowing is greater than that of the hand sowing. Do not plant too many times and the soil is too bad. For the convenience of operation and irrigation and drainage, the width of the sorghum is 3 meters, the width of the sag is 0.2 meters, and the surrounding sewers are well-opened. Before the sowing, the sloping fields are smashed on the 1st day before sowing. The soil is sloppy and moderate, and the field surface is flat. After sowing, the sludge is sown. The depth of the valley is exactly where the grain is in the mud. 3、Appropriate close planting, the seed should be drained when seeding sowing in detail and then loaded into the sprayer of the motorized sprayer to spray and broadcast, and the seeding amount is adjusted by the speed of the operator's walking speed. The conventional rice sowing rate is about 2 kg, not more than 2.5 kg; if the seeds of the hybrid rice are sprayed and broadcasted, the seeding rate is less and it is more difficult to spread evenly. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the conventional rice seeds with similar shape, size, and 1000-grain weight. Rice seeds are mixed and sown after cooking. When planting, the walking speed, throwing height, spout swing, etc. must be consistent to achieve uniform seeding. Turn off the seed switch when turning or turning around, to avoid missed broadcasts and repeated sprays. After the sowing is completed, a wet sack or the like can be put on the rope to artificially drag on the field, and the exposed seed valley is collapsed into the mud. At the same time, we must take appropriate measures to prevent the damage of rodents. 4, timely sowing, scientific management machine broadcast and other direct broadcast rice, because there is no pull out transplanting, sowing can not be too early, otherwise it is easy to grow too busy, more childbirth, increase the number of invalid childbirth, ear type becomes smaller, late easy to cause Lodging, in the end can not be high yield. The suitable sowing date for the above varieties is generally appropriate around June 10th in the region. Because live rice grows in the field for a lifetime, it is appropriate to increase the frequency of fertilization. It is required to apply 25 kg of superphosphate, 7.5 kg of potassium chloride, and 30 kg of ammonium bicarbonate in front of the plough before planting. Topdressing urea weaning fertilizer 7.5 kilograms, promoting 10 kilograms of manure, strong 7.5 kilograms of strong stalks and 7.5 kilograms of fertilizers, and the use of potassium dihydrogen phosphate or selenium-enriched fertilisers for the field with premature aging. In the water slurry management, after sowing to the two-leaf as one heart, to keep the field plate moist, the main water to furrow irrigation, after two leaves one heart, shallow shallow water ground plate, after the implementation of shallow water ground irrigation, many times light field, the number of field and The degree should be stronger than transplanting rice in order to control ineffective delivery, promote root growth and prevent late lodging. 5. Chemical weeding and motorized sprayer Weed field in the direct seeding field is the same as the weed control in the artificial field of artificial hands. It is one of the key technologies for the high yield of direct seeding rice. However, as long as the method is proper, the use of drugs can be effectively controlled. Generally 10-15 days before plowing, 500 grams of glyphosate is used per acre, 50 kilograms of water is banned again; about 2 days after sowing, 30% are used to kill 100 ml or 17.2% of the pups. 200-250 grams, evenly sprayed with 50 kilograms of water; seedlings in the 3-leaf stage, with 35-40 grams of 36% gold land, 50 kilograms against water; for untreated blocks, in the 5- to 7-leaf stage, per acre 40-50 grams of quinclorac and 50 kilograms of water will be used for treatment. When spraying, field water should be drained first, then applied for treatment, rehydrated the next day, and maintain the water layer for 5-7 days. 6. In addition to the same prevention and control of conventional rice as the pest-prevented direct-seeded rice, it is important to pay attention to the control of sheath blight. Because there are a large number of seedlings for direct seedlings in rice, the shading degree in fields is high in the middle and late periods, and sheath blight is prone to spread.

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